Passion for time and culture of wood

OLMO (the italian term for Elm) is a totally new concept, a new way of living our time, an innovation inside watch and design industry.

In an increasingly hectic world, forcedly linked to hi-tech and innovative materials, OLMO vwill make you rediscover the beauty and simplicity of the oldest material that man has ever formed: the wood.

Just as the tree stands supported by the trunk, so OLMO comes to life from a single block of valuable timber.

Inside OLMO’s case the force of nature meets human craftmanship, creating an unmatched technical and aesthetic union. For this reason the construction process of OLMO, starting from the realization of the wooden monoblock case has been subjected to patent.


Born from an idea of our research and development team, Olmo has been a challenge for us since its very beginning! A challenge even more difficult than normal, because on the market there were already clocks made of wood, but no one had made a really good product, crafted, refined and with an “un-massed” production.

So we wanted that our first wood creation to be, would be a unique object, that you could recognize through a thousand, thanks to its naturalness, to the absence of unnatural finishes, polishes, adhesives and enamels that could disturb its natural beauty, or alter its true essence.

So we began to realize the first technical drawings, the first sketches, with the idea that everything had to be unique: the movement could not be an ordinary quartz movement, it had to ennoble the watch, give it that flavor of classic, distinctive aura that we would like to have to our wrists, and that we think would give a strong plus to the product., while the case had to have its unique essence, because for us, the soul is what really matters. But obviously also the form had to be great, because as everyone knows, Italian design has always been among the best in the world.

Then the straps, which had to reflect the idea of natural beauty that OLMO needed to have, without losing its sense of “green” design in any way. And the wood, the raw material from which to start from to create everything, from which to spill a single object, had to be perfect in colors, veins, essences, but absolutely it had to be resilient wood, in order to be the most eco-friendly as possible.

It was an ongoing challenge, a really endless work, that continues every day, always on the soil of our “Bel Paese”: the study of the product, its creation, its design, manufacture, assembly and creation are all fully Made in Italy, with local artisans who work tirelessly, to make you partakers of what for us was from the beginning a beautiful dream: a wooden clock, natural, alive, that doesn’t harm the environment and that can has the honor to define itself a totally Made In Italy watch!

Be green, be OLMO!

The unique and revolutionary eco-clock.